Product Range

We only use the very best professional hair care products at Goji. That is why we decided to use organic ranges.

“At Aveda I learnt my art, but with Intelligent Nutrients, I perfected it.”  Horst Rechelbacher, Aveda founder



We have chosen Intelligent Nutrients for our haircare products, excluding colour.  The range was created by Horst Rechelbacher who founded the Aveda Corporation in 1978 with a vision for plant-based products. He grew the company into a powerhouse, and led the movement towards the use of organic ingredients, fair-trade sourcing, aromatherapy and recycled materials along with other innovations.

After selling Aveda Corporation to Estee Lauder in 1997, Horst founded Intelligent Nutrients. In his words, “At Aveda I learnt my art, but with Intelligent Nutrients I perfected it.”

Horst believed in making a pure certified organic product from head to toe and that is what Intelligent Nutrients is all about.

To prove its harmlessness, Horst was filmed drinking the hair spray – watch the video here:

Oway logoWe have selected Oway – or ‘Organic Way’ for our hair colour. Oway is a fair-trade colouring treatment system based on biodynamic and organic active ingredients and oils.

The benefits include:

  • Absolute radiance of the coloured hair
  • Deep respect of the hair structure, even during lightening
  • Incredible choice of 94 colours
  • Gentle on the scalp, no ammonia fumes
  • 100% coverage of grey hair
  • Guaranteed hold, thanks to the micro-pigments and phyto proteins
  • Eco-sustainable packaging

Rudolf Steiner, founder of Steiner medicine and Waldorf education, gave life to biodynamics in 1924 – he wanted to set farmers free from chemical products in fertilisation and plant protection.

The biodynamic agriculture movement, successfully spread today throughout the world, works to guarantee the decontamination of the Earth and the renewal of agriculture. The Oway biodynamic farm where their ingredients are grown is in Bologna, northern Italy, on 50,000 square metres of land.

As well as Oway’s ‘Hcolor’ permanent colour range, we also offer ‘Hnectar’, their semi-permanent range which is totally chemical free and suitable for expectant mums and cancer patients.

You can find out more about Oway here:

New clients should pop in for a colour patch test at least 48 hours before their appointment. This can be combined with a complimentary consultation if you would like advice prior to booking a colour appointment.


logoWe use ghd’s in the salon and the full range is also available to buy from us.

We also stock a gorgeous range of other products such as natural candles and diffusers as well as haircare products such as Tangle Teezers and Invisibobbles.